Why Accounting is So Much More Fun Than You’ve Been Told

Accounting is not just punching numbers and sitting behind a computer all day. It involves detective work, being challenged intellectually, lifelong learning and growth, saving the world, and being a strategic business partner.

As an accounting professional, you have the option to specialize in many different areas of accounting, with new areas to specialize in being created all the time due to economic, industrial, and technological advancements. Some examples are:

· Forensic accounting

· Non-profit accounting

· Auditing and assurance accounting

· Management accounting

While gaining your CPA will help you in many accounting specializations, there are other accounting courses and paths you can take. You can also become a Certified Financial Planner®, a financial risk manager, a licensed mutual funds representative, or a financial adviser.

As a broker or financial advisor, you are helping individuals and families achieve their goals and dreams. One of the joys in this line of work is watching your client grow. You may be with them from when they finish school and start a career, to starting a family, buying a first home, and all the way into retirement. Each milestone you help them achieve is a milestone and goal in your client’s life. As you grow and gain more experience and knowledge you will be able to help your clients grow quicker and more effectively.

Take a Canadian Securities Course to ensure you are guiding your client in the right direction when investing in bonds, stocks, and mutual funds. In your financial career you will grow through positive and challenging experiences, continuing education courses, and career successes.

As an accounting professional you can save the world! No, you are not a superhero solving crime on the street, but you are solving tax crime and keeping the community thriving. Accounting work in risk management and auditing focuses on fraud prevention and making sure that everyone pays their dues. While accounting work in the public sector focuses on maintaining the health and sustainability of nonprofits and not for profits to allow them to achieve their mission and support the community. Both types of work involve creative thinking and will challenge you intellectually. Increase your knowledge and expertise to help out as many companies as possible by taking accounting continuing education courses.

Accounting professionals run the show of all major businesses. Whether that is as a Certified Financial Officer (CFO) or as a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP), every company has one and they are involved in almost every business decision, from operational efficiencies to finding a new insurance plan.

Bob Prather, the general manager of accounting and finance at Lucas Group explains, “When you get to the good part of accounting you are dealing more with people, processes and business partnership.” While many people may not think of accountants as a charismatic or social bunch, much of their work involves dealing with clients whether by email, phone, or face-to-face. If you are not comfortable with your communication skills, you can take online communication courses to help you feel more confident.

Getting to this level takes time and education, and there are different paths you can take to get there. Going down the CFP certification path, you will attain the most widely recognized financial planning designation in Canada, allowing you to work with almost any type of business. While going down the path towards earning the FRM certification and becoming a risk manager, you will become an asset to all major banks and earn international recognition.

If you want to join an evolving and thriving industry that involves detective work, lifelong learning, and saving the world, a career in the financial industry might be something to check out.

Written by Lindsay McKay



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