What is Professional Coaching?

What is professional coaching?

What professional coaching isn’t?

What are some benefits of Professional Coaching?

  • Someone to hold you accountable
  • Someone to believe in you
  • Someone to brainstorm ideas with and not feel judged
  • A support system to help achieve goals and dreams
  • A sense of clarity on what to do or focus on

What top three skills do you need to be a Professional Coach?

  1. Curiosity — ask questions to understand and not assume
  1. Listening — to understand and not just to respond
  1. Inspire action — translate a conversation into clear next steps

What does a day look like for a Professional Coach?

  • Social media activities
  • Marketing and public relations
  • One-one-appointments with coaching clients
  • Developing and leading webinars
  • Learning new technology tips and tools
  • Creating content for podcasts
  • Networking and speaking events
  • Attending professional development
  • Returning phone calls and scheduling new coaching sessions
  • Reviewing and preparing for coaching sessions
  • General bookkeeping



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