The Most Sought After Digital Marketing Skills

Digital Marketing is an incredibly fast-growing and evolving field. Thanks to advances in technologies and platforms, this field has great opportunities for growth and connects to almost every industry. There is actually a shortage of skilled digital marketing professionals, due to the digital skills gap. Careers in digital marketing are varied with many distinct roles involved. There are many sought after skills that allow professionals to seek great careers in the field. Continue reading to find out which skills will help you get ahead in your career.

Design is a key part of marketing. Creating content that is eye catching to viewers will provide traffic and growth. While there are designated graphic designers in the industry, having graphic design skills will heavily aid your resume and help you stand out. Knowing how to work on different platforms such as Canva or Adobe Photoshop means that you can help provide not only design skills but a designer’s eye to different projects. It is also good to create a portfolio with your work to show employers your talents.

Through the rise of social media, video content has been a major part of marketing. Being able to edit videos is an important skill to cultivate. Knowing different video editing software and familiarizing yourself with different video formats will help enhance your digital marketing skills. For example, knowing what makes for effective video content on TikTok versus on YouTube is an important distinction. Therefore, understanding the different social media platforms is also paramount.

If you are a great writer, digital marketing might be the perfect field for you. Catchy slogans and captions are often written by a professional in the marketing team. There are many different styles of writing in marketing, for example writing for a campaign versus a social media caption. Being a diverse writer who is able write in multiple styles effectively is a fantastic skill to cultivate.

Where the past entries on this list have focused on the more creative endeavors within digital marketing, knowing the analytical business side to the field is just as important. Understanding business data will allow for better decision making on what marketing is working and what is not. Knowing how to break down analytics on both social media platforms and other analytical tools such as Google analytics will make you a desired professional in the field. You can also learn these skills through Ashton College’s Digital Data Management and Analysis course.

Strategy is an absolute necessity in marketing. Without a plan for success, it is quite difficult to achieve success. Being a good planner and problem solver will allow your organization to channel your limited resources into a strategy that will provide the best results. What type of marketing is most effective? Is it social media or email marketing? Being able to not only focus on the big picture but the small parts that make up that picture will set you apart from other Digital Marketing professionals. If you are wanting to further cultivate this skill, this Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning course will help provide you with more knowledge on the topic.

Digital Marketing is a field that values a diversity of skills. By expanding your knowledge, you can become a highly valued employee in the field. Ascend to the next level of your digital marketing career today.

Written by Maria Veras



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