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When you are struggling with your mental health, it can be hard to reach out and advocate for yourself so you can get the help you need. You may not always feel as though you are worthy of support services or other resources, but you absolutely are. Everyone deserves to feel validated and supported through every step of their mental health journey. Even though it is challenging and can feel impossible sometimes, reaching out for help is always a smart option. There are also plenty of small ways you can support your mental health in between counselling appointments or support groups. Continue reading for our shortlist of recommended mobile apps to support your mental health and wellness.

Recommended Apps

  • Daylio: What makes this app so useful for mental health is that you can easily and efficiently rate your mood, track your habits and make notes or upload photos for each daily journal entry. You do not even have the option to create an account, so your data is stored safely and confidentially on your phone only. Once you have been using the app for some time and regularly tracking your mood, the app is able to provide you with fascinating insights that correlate your mood and habits. You may discover, for example, that you are happier on days when you drink tea instead of coffee. Or perhaps your mood improves whenever you spend time with friends or read a book. Insights may vary in accuracy or meaningfulness, but the app is certainly a fun and reliable way to keep track of your moods and validate your progress over time. The journal functionality is also a great place to add a daily gratitude list, which is proven to increase happiness.
  • Scheduled App: If you have ever struggled with chronic stress, sadness or mild depression, you know how hard it is to pick up the phone sometimes and respond to loved ones in a timely manner. How many times do you look at a nice message from someone, have every intention of messaging them back and then completely forget about it? This cycle leaves you feeling disheartened and guilty, as though you cannot show up for your friends and loved ones the way you wish you could. By using a scheduling app, you can write messages to loved ones whenever you have the energy, even if that happens to be in the middle of the night.
  • Insight Timer: Did you know that meditation can improve your mental health and your overall quality of life? From reduced stress to increased feelings of contentment, meditation has proven its effectiveness around the world. Meditation apps are an excellent way to make the practice less intimidating and more accessible. Insight Timer is our top recommendation because the free version has robust features and an incredible selection of meditations. You can browse through guided meditations on mindfulness, body scanning, breath awareness, affirmations, positivity, anxiety, forgiveness and more. The app also has a broad selection of tonal, ambient and musical meditations without a guiding voice. Whether or not you have a chronic condition or diagnosis, meditation is a simple way for all of us to reduce stress, decrease anxiety, and improve overall wellness. If you do not find what you are looking for on this particular app, you can also try Calm, Headspace, Breethe, Sattva or even YouTube.
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Honourable Mentions

Check out these additional mobile apps and websites for inspiration, mental health support and community building:

  • The Artitode: a virtual space for empathy, bonding and healing through art
  • IDONTMIND: an awareness campaign with the goal of inspiring open conversations about mental health
  • Here2Talk: a free and accessible counselling resource for all post-secondary students in British Columbia, whether you are attending a public university or private college
  • The LifeLine App: a free suicide prevention and awareness app that can connect you with a crisis line or professional counsellor
  • Better Help: a paid online professional therapy service that pairs you with a vetted, qualified therapist
  • I Am Sober: a free support sobriety tracker and peer support tool for anyone who has struggled with substance use

Immediate Support

The Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Support has curated a list of mental health resources for anyone who is in need of immediate mental health support. These resources are meant to support you in your mental health journey, but should not be treated as a stand-in for professional help or emergency services. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room so you can get the help you need.

Professional Resources

Technology is a terrific resource to help support your mental health journey, but there are lots of other tangible ways you can get help too. One of the best things you can do if you are struggling is to connect with a counsellor or a professional who has gone through a mental health worker certificate program or personal support worker program, or addictions and mental health program, depending on your individual experiences and needs.

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