Duties of an Immigration Legal Assistant

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3 min readOct 3, 2022


A legal assistant is an integral part of a law office, helping a lawyer with many important tasks and communication. There are many specialties that paralegals or legal assistants can be in, and an important one is immigration. To become specialized in the immigration sector of paralegals, you should obtain an immigration legal assistant certificate to give you the education and tools necessary to excel in this career. There is also a low barrier to entry for this field, you do not have to have any previous immigration or legal background to earn your certificate. Everything you need to know will be taught during the program, as long as you have passion, enjoy working with people, and can handle detail orientated tasks you will be set up for success.

Immigration Legal Assistants help Immigration Practitioners and Immigration Lawyers by handling paperwork, communicating with people, and doing other important tasks. Working with potential Canadian immigrants is a fulfilling career that offers many opportunities for advancement. It is an excellent option for lawyers or legal professionals who are new to Canada, or those who want to specialize in Immigration Law. Legal Assistants and Paralegals can also use this program to improve their skills in the field of Immigration Law.

What Do They Do?

Immigration legal assistants provide paralegal support to immigration attorneys. They will demonstrate knowledge of immigration requirements and may have some experience in a law firm before becoming specialized in this area, but this is not a requirement. Their responsibilities could include:

  • Managing caseload intakes, filing visa applications for permanent residency, and preparing non-immigrant and immigrant visa petition packages for review. This could include processing and filing documents, gathering application and petition information from external parties, and they may be required to respond to immigration inquiries.
  • Assisting immigration attorneys with visa and permanent residency applications and preparing applications for permanent residency and secondary benefits for foreign nationals.
  • They process applications, prepare petition packages for review, and maintain case files. They are also required to keep clients informed of progress made with their cases. Maintaining hard copy files and entering data into an immigration case management system.
  • Reporting to the immigration program manager and collaborating with the Regional Paralegal Manager and immigration attorneys.


There are many opportunities in the field of immigration in Canada. Professionals who want to work in this field can find jobs in consulting firms, law offices, government offices, recruitment agencies, and settlement organizations. There are also many opportunities for graduates to continue their studies in the fields of immigration and law. Other career opportunities could include:

  • Office Administrative Assistant
  • Immigration Processing Assistant
  • Clerical Assistant
  • Immigration Application Assistant

Taking a legal assistant training course is the first step in exploring this exciting specialty field of immigration legal assistants. The Immigration Legal Assistant Certificate program is a great way to learn about the Canadian Immigration system and better understand the policies and procedures of immigration in Canada. Are you ready to start this rewarding career?

Written by Ashley Fazekas