Characteristics of Highly Successful Health Information Management Professionals

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3 min readSep 30, 2022


Every field has a certain set of characteristics that make its professionals best suited for their roles. Finding what qualities you have, such as patience or kindness, and contrasting that with what different professions require is an excellent way of finding a career that best suits you. Discovering your professional calling is a challenging task, and sadly many people never truly find a career that they feel was made for them. As well switching career from one that is not a great fit is also a terrifying task. However, reflection is an excellent way of achieving the end goal of professional self-actualization.

Today let us focus on Health Information Management, a booming field with immense potential for many career options. If you have been considering entering the Health Information Management field, continue reading to see if you can see yourself in these character traits.


Great communicators are able to both effectively share information, as well as effectively take in information. It takes a great listener to be a great communicator. Communication skills are hugely important to Health Information Management professionals. The field requires a lot of communication between health professionals, such as nurses, doctors, etc. Feeling comfortable and confident to be able to reach out to other professionals is important. As well as being able to effectively communicate often complicated data to the public can fall under your job description. Translating medical jargon and making it accessible to the public can be complex but having excellent communication skills will help with that.


Some people have an intrinsic ability to quickly assess situations. Having analytical abilities is perfect for Health Information Management professionals as part of their work requires proper collection and preparation of healthcare data. Not only is it understanding the data, but also what that data means from a business perspective. It is a matter of providing the best for the patient as well as the healthcare system overall. Having a mind that is able to make quick calculations is important for that.


This characteristic is key to any professional working in the healthcare field. While it is important to separate your emotions from your work to a certain extent, having compassion and passion for helping others is an integral part of the Health Information Management field. There may be times where you must speak to patients, and your compassion will help with more difficult conversations. As well you may act as an advocate for multiple healthcare policy issues and speak to government officials and other heads of organizations. Your compassion will highlight the urgency of these issues.


As stated above, there is a lot of collaboration related to the Health Information Management field. Whether that is connecting with other health care professionals for inquiries or working on team projects, if you excel working with others you will surely fit in great. Being able to share your ideas while also taking in other’s thoughts can be a hard act to juggle, but group leaders and collaborators are able to do this well.

Overall, there are many characteristics that you may naturally possess that make you suited for a career in Health Information Management. If you have related to the entries on this list, look no further than this fantastic career program to help you where you want to go professionally.

Written by Maria Veras