BC is Here2Talk about Mental Health

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3 min readMay 17, 2022

Almost everyone at one point or another has struggled with their mental health. Whether it is anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions, nearly everyone has felt a dark cloud hanging over them at times. When you are in a bad place with your mental health, it can be hard to reach out for help, especially since it is such a personal subject to discuss. One of the hardest parts of battling mental health problems can be struggling to talk about it with others. In the past mental health struggles have been heavily stigmatized. Thankfully, we are continuing to slowly end this stigma.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a terrific time to increase discussions surrounding mental health. May 2nd-9th was the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Mental Health Week, which focused on the key act of empathy. As defined by the CMHA, empathy allows human beings to step into each other’s shoes and truly listen and understand what another is feeling. Due to such initiatives, more people are coming forward with their mental health struggles, and it is helping foster a greater environment for all. However, despite increased awareness, we still have a long way to go in providing great services for everyone.

Mental Health and Post-Secondary Students

Post-secondary students are often a big part of the population who struggle with their mental health. Becoming an adult can be a huge undertaking, and many young adults experience feelings of fear, loneliness, and depression. With so many life transitions and social changes heading your way, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. A 2019 study found that almost 70% of students in Canadian post-secondary institutions have felt overwhelming anxiety, and over half struggled with debilitating depression. These high percentages reveal a real need to address this issue. Combined with the stigma surrounding discussion about mental health, students may also feel a lack of mental health resources present to them. Counsellors may be expensive, and students may not know where to go to find one.


Thankfully, there is a new initiative that was recently launched by the BC government called Here2Talk. This fantastic resource is open to all students, domestic or international, currently registered in a B.C post-secondary institution. It provides access to free, confidential counselling and community referral services, available 24/7 through the app, phone, and web. Also, numerous services are available in multiple languages upon request, providing help to international students who are adjusting to the huge shift of moving to a new country for school. You can access these key services wherever you are, which is perfect for busy student lives. Prioritizing your mental health is key, and Here2Talk helps students do that. Just dial 604–642–5212 or visit the website to get help today. Remember that no issue is too big or too small to talk about.

Want to work in Mental Health?

Mental Health is an area which many people are passionate about. Whether you have gone through your own mental health struggles or helped someone else through theirs, you may know just how important providing and receiving excellent mental health services can be in changing an individual’s life. The mental health and addictions field is an absolutely critical one, not only touching the lives of many, but also providing wonderful careers. If you are curious about this incredible field and are thinking of joining, take a look at this fantastic mental health worker certificate program. Begin your journey today.

Written by Maria Veras